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Parish Corner

St. Mary Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Below is upcoming Holy Week information including Mass Schedule, Volunteer Schedule, etc.

Holy Week Volunteer Schedule:
Holy Thursday, March 28th

R1-Lou Ann Morrison; R2-Paul Lynch

E1-Dean Dickerson; E2-Judy Dickerson; E3-Skip Fox;

E4-Lori Kabat; E5-Robin Atkins; E6-Kevin Rettig

H1-Steve Shields; H2-Valerie Shields; H3-Vickie Bledsoe;
H4-Bruce Morrison; H5-Lou Ann Morrison
Office: Karen Williams

Servers: Patrick

Sacristan: Volunteer
Camera: Beth Schrader

Good Friday, March 29th

R1-Ronan Kuberski; R2- Sara Allen; Voice-Hope Broussard

H1-Anne Collier; H2-Brad Forsberg; H3-Steven Manning;
H4-Steve Rapp; H5-Jim Roziki; H6-Jeannette Hart;
H7-Dorris Klotz.
Office: Closed

Servers: Patrick, Kara, Carter

Sacristan: Deacon Steve
Camera: Ken Martinek

Easter Vigil - Saturday, March 30th

R1-Choir; R2-Mellisa Camaione; R3-Pat Panarese;
R4-Ron Kirsch 

E1-Kendra Clark; E2-Karen Williams; E3-Chris Johnson;
E4-Suzie Schmidt; E5-Cindy Sloans; E6-Ronan Kuberski

H1-Ann Farley; H2-David Farley; H3-Mel Gajewski;

H4-Barb Gajewski; H5-Kevin Rettig; H6-Megan Schmidt.
Office: Closed

Servers: Ella, Kara, Patrick.

Sacristan: Ayden Sloan
Camera: Beth Schrader

Easter - Sunday, March 31st

R1-David Skorch; R2-Laura Skorch

E1-Mary Jo Adcock; E2-Tim Bain; E3-Anne Baker;

E4-Butch Baker; E5-Pat Butler; E6-Ashlie Newcomb

H1-Kim Bridwell; H2-Steven Rapp; H3-Marty Simmons;

H4-Mark Simmons; H5-Susan Hughey; H6-Donnie Mays;

H7-Jeff Harrison.

Office: Maggie

Servers: John, Sam

Sacristan: Deacon Steve
Camera: Ken Martinek

Lenten_Season_Calendar_2024_revised copy.png

Day of Adoration

Holy Thursday, March 28th

8:00 am - 6:30 pm & 8:00 pm - 12:00 am

Mass at 7:00 pm

Join us for Eucharistic Adoration on Holy Thursday!
There is no required amount of time. Come spend time with Jesus in prayer, say the Rosary, listen to hymns, or simply sit in silence with Him!

What is Eucharistic Adoration?

These short videos are easy to understand and give you a better understanding of what happens during Eucharistic Adoration

Why go to Adoration?

The short answer is because Jesus is there

Is Jesus Really Present?

Fr. Mike explains perfectly!

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