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Beyond the Basics

St. Mary strives to offer a wide range of courses for our students. In addition to Mathematics, History, Science, English, Language Arts, and Physical Education, we are proud to provide Religious Education, Music, Band, Art in the Classroom with Cedarhurst, and Technology. 


We strive to develop students not only academically, but also spiritually. Our curriculum includes religion classes, daily faith formation, preparation for the Holy Sacraments, attending all school Masses each week, along with living our Virtues throughout each day.

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Our music classes are designed to help students develop an appreciation of music and the ability to make music, all while having fun and developing their self-confidence. We strive to give our students an opportunity to express themselves through music and be creative.

Music Sheets and a Cross


We have a variety of musical instruments available for students to use as they explore their creative talents. Whether you’re brand new to music or already an expert, St. Mary School and Mr. Winchester, are here to help you grow and explore your musical potential.

Art Supply

Art in the Classroom

St. Mary is fortunate to be located less than a mile from the Nationally Accredited Cedarhurst Center for the Arts. 
Students have the opportunity to experience Art in the Classroom each month with Cedarhurst. 

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